Beka and Rob
Planning Our Day

WE picked June 30 as our wedding day.....

We decided to get married and keep you in the plans of the biggest event of our lives - committing to each other.

Yes, we've unpacked. Rob is finishing up grad studies at UMaine, Orono (that's near Bangor). Should help him in the parks and rec business. 

We traveled north and south, east and west on the byways of this great country of ours. Take a look at some of the pictures of places we've been and people we've come to know.

Hey, we got this to keep in touch with y'all. We picked out the domain name
www.weddinglineplanning and thought we'd utilize this site, its blog and email to keep in touch.

After the wedding, we can upload all our pictures into an online file folder where everyone can access what's there. It's a great way to share (Mom, I knew you'd want to see all of them.) Then I can create a wedding album on this web site just like the photo album that I've made showing our travels. I'll download everyone's pictures from the online file folder, use the best pics in an album that you'll be able to see on this website. No logging into anything. You'll be able to order pictures, too.

 picture taken south of Bar Harbor,
along the coast, in Freeport, Maine; famous as home to L.L. Bean.

E-mail or Blog Us
This is web-based access so wherever we are or you are, we can keep in touch. All we need is what we have here, web based email and a web based blog.

Send Rob or myself an email:
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You can even subscribe to our blog so whenever I post something on it, presto, you get an email...

Always be in touch. We miss you.
Beka and Rob

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